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Matchmaking in Washington DC

Why I love my job as a Matchmaker in Washington, DC

Matchmaking in Washington, D.C. is unique.  This city is comprised of successful politicians, lobbyists, attorneys and a myriad of other highly successful professionals, whose personal lives are not always on par with the success they have achieved in their careers.  Hence, there is a strong need for my services. The population from which I draw, both as potential clients, as well as prospects for my clients, are highly accomplished and attractive individuals.  As such, practicing here is both a matchmaker’s dream and challenge:

It is a matchmaker’s dream in the sense that it’s a joy to work with such an intelligent and goal oriented population.  My clients are savvy and selective.  They know who they are and what they are seeking in a potential mate.  I do not need to invest a great deal of time trying to figure them out, since they possess the skills to communicate that to me very effectively from our initial meeting and throughout the process of providing referrals.

The challenges arise in managing my clients’ expectations of success…Sometimes they want instantaneous results:  the veritable bolt of lightning on the first date, for example…While that has actually occurred several times in my 24 years in my business, it is certainly the exception, rather than the rule.  More often my clients meet, and if they are mutually attracted and interested in each other, a process of dating and building a relationship ensues…This takes time, however,  it is much more likely to result in long-term success.

“Jason” is a perfect example.  When I met him, he was a 43 year old self-employed attorney, who had just ended a two year relationship, only three weeks prior to seeking my services.  I was immediately impressed with him, but was concerned that he had not given himself enough time to recover from his recent break-up.  He assured me that given the right woman, he would indeed be capable of an emotional investment in someone new.  I took him at his word, and conducted a search on his behalf.  “Leslie” was a 37 year old, blond haired beauty.  Originally from South Africa, she came to the U.S. five years after her divorce was finalized.  She was seeking marriage and a family and was eager to learn about Jason.  After interviewing Leslie in depth, I concluded that despite the awkward timing, they were perfect for each other.

Jason phoned me the following day “amazed” that I could have produced such an extraordinary woman for his first referral.  He confessed that he was not at all expecting to like someone so soon, but that given her qualities, he couldn’t help himself.  One year later, they are engaged and living together.

Their story exemplifies the joy I experience in finding love for so many wonderful and deserving clients in an environment where winning is the name of the game..

By:  Leora Hoffman, President of Leora Hoffman Associates, a Personal Introduction/Relationship Service

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