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Tips for successful first dates

Successful first date tips

First dates are often make or break situations. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to break them inadvertently. Follow these tips to give you the best chance of successful dating.

Set the agenda

Avoid a drawn-out planning process by suggesting a date – ideally five or six days away – and a venue to meet. You can give a couple of alternatives, but don’t appear too available.

Also, avoid creating an awkward situation in which you plan to meet-up “some time” without arranging anything.

Choose a weekday evening

Giving up a weekend evening might make you look overly available for a first date – and you’ll only regret it if it turns out not to have been worthwhile. A weekday evening isn’t quite so precious to give up!

Never meet at each other’s homes or in the street

You have no idea at this stage whether you want this person to know where you live, so having them pick you up is not a good idea. Make sure you have your own transport arrangements to and from the venue.

Equally, don’t meet in the street. You’ll feel and look like a stereotypical lonely heart. It will be easy to find each other inside the chosen venue.

Find somewhere relaxed and not too noisy

Talking of chosen venues, it’s important to find somewhere that creates the right atmosphere while allowing the conversation to flow.

Never go for dinner

Dinner is too much of a time commitment and comes with its own hidden agenda. Meeting for a drink or coffee is ideal for a first date.

Set expectations early

Let them know that you’re meeting up for an hour or two at most. Making this clear in advance avoids difficult getaways. Stick to this whether the date is going well or not

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