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Dating advice for men on a first date

Things to remember before a date

There are lots of dating tips out there for women, so as this is the month for men and we’re celebrating Father’s Day, we’ve put together some tips specifically for men.

Make sure you look smart, clean, make an effort and don’t overdo the aftershave. If you look good you will feel good.

To shave or not to shave? Does your stubble look sexy or scruffy? Well that’s for you to decide. If your facial hair looks like it would look good with a Father Christmas outfit, then trim or shave it.

Be aware of your body language and posture. Sitting up straight will show you are confident and interested. Be confident – not arrogant.

Smile! Everyone gets nervous on dates and you might find that worry is showing on your face. Remember to smile, a friendly smile will make your date feel far more at ease and will make you feel better too.

Be a gentleman– open the door for her, pull out her chair, little gestures go a long way. If you think she looks nice, tell her.

Don’t talk about yourself all night! Show some interest in your date and what they are saying. Listen to what your date has to say – don’t talk over her. Say your date’s name a few times when you’re together. Also, it might be worth thinking about some topics of conversation before you meet your date.

Enjoy your dates!

Pier Reid – Drawing Down The Moon General Manager

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