What to buy for Christmas when you’ve not been dating for long

Christmas is a time for giving; a time for sharing with loved ones. But what if the person you’re planning on giving a present to isn’t a loved one? Not yet, at least.

For a season of goodwill, Christmas is not without its politics. That includes deciding what to buy for someone you’ve been dating for a short period of time. Here are some tips on how to broach that awkward subject.

Talk to your new partner
Whether you want to discuss outright if you are getting each other presents or just spark a more general conversation about each other’s plans for the festive period, talking about it will definitely ease the pressure on both parties.

Don’t go over the top
If you’ve been seeing each other for just a few weeks, extravagant presents are not really needed. After all, if you go all-out with a big present and your partner opts for something a little more modest, they will probably feel worse than if you had given nothing at all.

Besides, if you’re still feeling your way through the early stages of a relationship, a grand gesture might set the alarm bells ringing for your partner.

Sentiment on a budget
Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But that’s really where you need to be this Christmas. Can you draw upon a date or some time you spent together for gift inspiration?

If you can, you’re able to demonstrate that some thought went into present while also indicated that you have fond memories of a particular shared experience.

Try to avoid getting returned
Remember, it’s early days so steer clear of gifts that involve too much guesswork about their taste or style. After all, you should still have plenty to learn about them at this stage.

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Written by : Mary Balfour
- Posted in: Helpful Tips
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