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Are you a woman stuck in a single rut?

Single and stuck in a rut or independent and happy

What might be the ‘downsides’ of being on of the ‘proud to be single’ lobby? One is that you might become somewhat selfish in your mission to be uncompromisingly independent. Also, you might begin to think that it’s only through sacrificing your freedom that you can have an intimate relationship.

With the extraordinary rise of single households in recent years, people are tending to spend more time on their own than before. Could you, as a result, get too set in your ways? Might you become too fussy or even downright unrealistic about selecting a partner?

Are you less able to adjust to the lifestyle changes necessitated by marriage or co-habitation – no matter how much you yearn for emotional fulfillment? How successful you are in dealing with this adjustment will depend on your strengths as an individual as well as your approach to communication.

The really strong, sensitive and fulfilled woman who is also a good communicator can be a happy single or a happy partner. It’s your choice: develop your strengths or indulge your weaknesses.

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

Gloria Steinem

Although being single is no longer automatically viewed as a state of incompleteness, most singles do eventually want to be in a relationship. However, this wish may come with conditions that can, if you don’t watch yourself, escalate in proportion to the length of time you’ve been on your own.

‘I’m certainly not desperate for commitment. I’m happy just being me – I have a wonderful life!’, ‘A committed relationship with a man would just be the icing on the cake – but he’s got to be absolutely right. No compromises for me.’ But is it ever as straightforward as this? Isn’t this rather limiting?

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