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Tips for making that first date phone call

First date phone call

Making the first phone call to arrange a first date can sometimes be even more nerve-wracking than the date itself.

The content of this vital first call can have a big impact on the success of a first date and the likelihood of a second date.

Here are the Drawing Down The Moon tips for getting it right during your first telephone conversation with your date.

Keep it short
There’s little point in using up all your conversation topics ahead of the date. Besides, the longer the call goes on, the more likely you are to build up prejudices – positive or negative – that you will take with you to date.

If the call goes well and becomes flirtatious, it can set unrealistic expectations for the date.

Avoid a vetting process
Nothing positive will come from a telephone interrogation. Indeed, you will come across as intrusive and probably become less attractive to your date.

Don’t discuss your past or what you’re looking for
Again, far too heavy for this initial call. The person on the other end of the phone doesn’t need to know about your ex or whether or not you want kids – you’re simply arranging to meet up to see if you get along.

Arrange to meet for a drink in a public place
Perhaps you and your date have different ideas about what a first date should entail. Suggest meeting at a bar or restaurant for a drink or coffee.

There’s no need for dinner or a long date at this stage. Plenty of time for that on a second date if this first meet-up goes well.

Exchange mobile numbers
This helps both parties if there are any last minute hold-ups or cancellations.

Get to the point
Your only aim for the call is to fix a time and place for the date. Keep the conversation relaxed and flirty, but be targeted about the reason for the call.

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