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How to Date and Find Love

Stop dating the wrong person

Do you feel like you consistently fall for the wrong person? Do your failed relationships have the habit of repeating themselves? Here are our tips on breaking those cycles and starting to date the right people.

Ditch your baggage

It’s perfectly normal to worry about the baggage you carry from past relationships. But it is important not to unload it onto your new relationship.

Everyone has a certain amount of emotional issues with them, but try to keep them to a minimum. You don’t want to dump baggage from the past on a potential new partner. In that situation, nobody benefits.

Negative love patterns

If you’ve ever come out of one disastrous relationship only to find that your next relationship is remarkably similar, you’ll know exactly what we mean by this.

Often, we have a blueprint of how we find, start and conduct relationships. For some people, this blueprint is quite dysfunctional, but we are still drawn to follow it.

Talk to someone

It might be friends, a counsellor or one of our date coaching sessions – whatever works best for you. The most important thing is that you open up to somebody about where things have gone wrong in the past and your anxieties about the present or future.

If you’re worried that you seem to keep getting into the wrong sort of relationships and making the same mistakes, an extra pair of eyes might help you to spot some of those familiar pitfalls on the road ahead.

Maintain self-awareness

Being aware of the negative love patterns you tend to follow is half the battle. If you know the mistakes you’ve made before and take responsibility for them, you can learn from them and work to avoid making them again.

Allow your confidence to grow

Once you’ve managed to get yourself into the situation of understanding negative love patterns and have been brave enough to start meeting people again armed with a better blueprint for your next relationship, it is amazing how soon your confidence will sky-rocket.

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