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How Matchmaking Helps Eligible Singles Find Love

Helping you find your soulmate

The elite dating service offered by Drawing Down The Moon works to a very simple premise: people are more likely to find meaningful, lasting relationships when they meet people with whom they have lots in common.

On a basic level that might be due to shared interests, but it goes deeper than that to take in shared values, future plans and expectations.

Drawing Down The Moon’s elite dating service specialises in dating for professionals. In other words, we help busy, career-focused individuals who lack the time to meet singles and give their love life the attention it deserves.

In our experience, these individuals are most compatible with people who also value their career. They are looking for intelligent, well-educated partners.

As we’ve already established, busy professionals struggle to find the time to go out to meet new people – their schedule just doesn’t allow them to. So, the chance of two of these busy people happening to be in the same place at the same time, let alone two who are well matched, are very slim.

That’s where we come in…

We ID-check and interview all our members in order to provide an exclusive dating service. We use our matchmaking skills to suggest dates to you. These are people we think have the potential to become your future partner. And, of course, we’re able to put your details forward to members who are looking for someone just like you.

It makes finding your soulmate a much more likely prospect.

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