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Matchmakers Guide to Acing Wedding Season as a Singleton

Surviving the wedding season when you are single

At this time of year, it can sometimes feel like you spend more time at weddings than you do at work.

With every bride and groom-to-be keen to give themselves the best possible chance of blue skies on their special day, May to September can seem like a procession of weddings.

Their special day might feel like a bit of an awkward one for you if you’re single, but that needn’t be the case. Here are the Drawing Down the Moon tips for ensuring survive – and perhaps even flourish – during wedding season.

Mingle and meet new people

Weddings are social occasions and fantastic opportunities to chat to and meet new people. Even if you don’t spot any other gorgeous, single people in the room, you might strike up a friendship with somebody.

Widening your social circle is rarely a bad thing – and your new acquaintance might know the perfect person to set you up with at a later date.

Don’t be embarrassed about being single

We know from films that we’re supposed to be frantically race around trying to find a date to accompany us to a wedding – but why? If you’re single, there’s absolutely no shame in turning up alone.

Embrace the freedom that brings. You might find that some of those in the room who are paired off wouldn’t mind swapping places with you.

And imagine your annoyance if you take somebody along for the sake of having to date only to find that Mr or Ms Right is at the wedding.

Moderate your alcohol intake

The aforementioned allure of single life that you might be painting will be instantly shattering if you start blubbering about how it will never be your turn or unleash some questionable drunken dance moves.

Avoid getting too drunk and you’ll avoid any of the accompanying problems.

Sympathise with the bride and groom over table arrangements

Unfortunately, there is always a risk that you might find yourself on a rag-tag table of other people who didn’t fit neatly onto a table of eight or 10.

Accept with good grace that coming up with a table plan can be hard work and don’t sulk about it. Besides, you never know who you might meet on your singles table.

Treat yourself

If you think you’ll be lacking confidence on the day, dress to compensate for that.

Treat yourself to a new outfit and dress to impress at the wedding. Knowing that you look great will make you feel more confident and that air of self-assurance will be apparent to anybody who sees you on the day.

Use children and grandparents as your safety net

It’s very unlikely that you will find there is nobody you can talk to at the wedding, but if you do find yourself at a lull in proceedings children and grandparents are a safe bet.

Playing with kids or chatting away to the older members of the wedding party will help to pass the time and occupy you if you happen to find yourself in a real predicament.

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