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Simple Tips to Date with Confidence

Zap first date nerves

First dates are just one of those occasions in life that tend to make us feel anxious.

Even the most confident of individuals can be reduced to a nervous wreck by the seemingly straightforward prospect of meeting someone for a drink and a chat.

Here are the Drawing Down The Moon tips for dealing with first date nerves.

Don’t build it up into something it’s not

How can it be a big deal if you don’t even know the person? You’ve no idea if it’s going to lead anywhere so it’s a waste of time and energy to pin any expectations to the date at this stage.

Don’t treat it like an interview

You’re getting to know the other person, yes, but you don’t have to do that in the style of an interrogation.

Direct lines of questioning are likely to make your date nervous and uncomfortable, which won’t exactly create a relaxed atmosphere for you, either.

Think of it as a pre-date

It’s not even a real date – it’s just a chance to meet someone for a drink or a coffee to see if you’d like to meet up with them again.

Avoid texting and emailing

Arrange to meet and then keep contact to a minimum.

You don’t want to get into lengthy communication and create a false sense of intimacy. That will just heap the pressure on ahead of the meeting.

You’ll find more tips on overcoming first date nerves in the video above.

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