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Party Pulling Tips for Gals

Pulling at a party girls

Are you heading to a party? It goes without saying that parties are a great place to meet new people.

But when somebody catches your eye, how do you approach the special guy and make sure it leads to a date?

Create a connection, then break it

Catch his eye across the room and give a glance or a hint of a smile. Then move on and talk to other people.

Get introduced

Ask the host or a friend to introduce you to the guy, or just introduce yourself.

You might say something like: “Can I join you?”

Make him feel good about himself

Compliment something he’s wearing, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to sound desperate.

Be available… and a bit unavailable

Again, let him know you’re interested without being too keen. Make small talk and chat way.

Take the flirting to the next level

Use proactive listening by reflecting back what he says during the conversation. And use his name – this is great for creating an instant connection.

End the conversation

Add to the sense of mystery and hint of unavailability by calling the conversation to an end… once you’ve swapped phone numbers.

Find out how to make sure you get that phone number in the video above (it was made with Christmas parties in mind, but the advice works all year round).

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