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Executive dating: what is it?

Executive Dating: What is it

During our 30 years of matchmaking, we’ve become renowned for what is sometimes termed as executive dating. But what exactly is executive dating?

Well, the short answer is that it is synonymous with professional dating. In other words, it is a matchmaking service that is targeted to the needs of people in jobs that can be time-consuming and all encompassing.

Having said that, we have come to recognise over the years that it is possible to come up with a few different versions of what is meant by the term – and they all seem very appropriate.

Here are some of how we put the ‘executive’ into our executive dating service.

Executive decision-making

There are parallels with our executive dating service and the business world. Business executives cannot afford to get bogged down in the minutiae of every aspect of their organisation. Instead, they need trusted lieutenants who can assess the situation, report to them and present recommendations ahead of any decision being made.

Drawing Down the Moon is that lieutenant when it comes to dating. We carry out interviews and ID checks before passing on suggestions of potential matches to you so that you can make an executive decision as to who you would like to meet.

Executive planning

Executive can also be defined as having the power to put plans or actions into effect. When you become a DDM member, you’re essentially giving us the go-ahead to set the wheels in motion in the search for your new partner. With that in mind, executive dating could be considered a process of sharing the responsibility for finding a meaningful relationship.

You relinquish some of your ‘executive’ power to allow us to put plans in place on your behalf. We do all the legwork and you still get the casting vote in the end. Win-win!

Executive clientele

And so we begin where we started. The most widely accepted definition of executive dating is a dating service for executives. By that we mean people with professions or careers that tend to dominate their leaves and often cause disruption to the work/life balance.

It can be very difficult for busy professionals to spend the time needed to be as successful at dating as they are in their careers.

If you are at the top of your profession, work doesn’t always give the chance to go out and meet new people. Even when it does, the opportunities to meet like-minded people – who are equally busy – are restricted. That means the opportunities to meet like-minded people in sufficient quantity as to find someone with whom you might fall in love are even more limited.

An executive dating service attracts other executives and professionals – just the sort of people you want to meet. Rather than spending time desperately trying to seek out these people, our members are simply introduced to people who, in the opinions of our experienced matchmakers, could be well suited to them.

If you think executive dating service sounds like it might make sense for your circumstances, please get in touch to discuss it in more detail.

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