Successful Relationships

How to Get Over a Break Up

Get over a break up in 3 steps, grieving, healing and evaluation. A break up is a difficult and painful experience but in time you will be able to find love again.

Five signs you are a lazy dater

With the frequency at which we are going on dates, it’s incredibly easy to become complacent about the whole thing. It is almost a nationally accepted idea that dating is just “a numbers game”

Love and Friends

This morning I was late for work. I slept through my alarm (Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, absolute tune) which turned my usually serene hour of getting ready and preparing myself for the day ahead into a nightmarish 23 minutes of tripping over my cat

Single Parent Dating Tips

It’s a matter of fact these days that many people themselves single and with a family. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to find love and companionship, although it’s likely going to be more complex than in those carefree days before children.

Dating as a Single Parent

Are you a single parent and can’t (or maybe won’t) find time for dating? This blog will inspire you to think differently.

The Age of Dating

At Drawing Down the Moon one challenge we face quite frequently is managing people’s expectations with regards to age…

Matchmaking in the City of Angels…

Ever wondered what’s it like finding love for the beautiful people in LA? Here a top matchmaker in the city of Angels tells you exactly that..

Blondes or Brunettes?

At DDM we ask people based in London interested in dating and relationships if real beauty can be defined by short or tall, blonde or brunette.

Didn’t we do well!

Successful relationships of couples in London introduced by our dating service at Drawing Down the Moon.

Are You Ready for a Relationship?

Are you sure you really want a relationship? Perhaps you’re actually quite content with being single but have difficulty admitting it.

A Couple – Two Halves or Two Wholes?

As society has changed the reasons for having a partner through life, and the methods of finding one have changed too, and for the better.

Identifying Relationship Blockers

Any of us can have something that holds us back from taking action, and to minimize its power over us we need to confront it. What, in your present situation, is blocking change – the change from being in a single state to in a relationship?