Single Parent Dating Advice

Are you a single parent ready to get back into the dating pool?

Be Confident

Confidence is always important when you are single and looking to meet someone. You want to be confident in yourself and confident that you have plenty to offer a partner. It can be easy to worry too much about what other people think. This happens when you are not sure if your child/children are going to be accepting of you dating new people. If you have older children, it is important to keep an open dialogue with them. They may not understand your need for adult companionship. That is fine and quite normal. They do not have to understand to accept. As a parent, you just have to assure your child/children that they will always be your first priority.

Take Your Time

As much as you want to, do not jump in head first. Dating when you are a single parent means taking your time. You want to know that you are ready to date someone new. You want your child to be ready to see new people around. Your first responsibility is to your kids. You want to wait before making introductions. You may also want to make sure that things are good with your past partner. All of this takes time. There are no expectations. You are simply looking for someone who is going to accentuate your life.

Full Disclosure

If you are dating online, you are likely going to face the decision of disclosure regarding your children. Many single parents choose to put that in their profile as it means they will only attract people who are accepting of this. Others do not as they do not want people to rule them out. It is ultimately your decision when you want to tell someone about your children. You want to go with what feels natural or let it come up in conversation on its own. You want to tell someone before you meet up though. Give them the choice to proceed so you do not have to worry about how you will bring it up during your date.

Be Flexible & Use Your Imagination

 As a single parent, it is not always easy to be flexible. You often have to schedule dates around when your children will not be around or when you arrange someone to look after them. There are a few ways you can date and still be with your children. One suggestion is having an initial Skype date. This gives the two of you the chance to talk, without the need for a babysitter. If all goes well you can commit to something longer next time.

Involve The Children

You can try planning your dates around your children by including them. Meet your date at the park while your children are playing. Go for ice cream or go to the beach. There are many places you can bring your children and your date. If you do make introductions, you can just introduce the person as a friend. This can work in most situations too. By introducing someone as a friend, you are letting the child/children be a part of the meeting, without putting pressure on the child or your date. If things progress, your children will be much more accepting of them as they will be comfortable in their company.

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Written by : James Preece
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