Dating as a Single Parent

My Children Come first

So you’ve found yourself bringing up your children single handedly – whether you planned it that way or not – which is obviously a huge commitment and something I know all about having brought up my wonderful son.

From personal experience and having spoken to many other people in the same situation, sometimes being a parent can be used as an excuse as to why we can’t go out and meet potential dates. Children can be used as a shield to hide our own fears about dating – ‘my kids come first’, ‘I need to wait until they are older’, ‘they won’t accept anyone else’ – if this sounds like you then listen up.

The fact is that children grow up and go on to lead their own lives so don’t put yours on the back-burner! Of course it isn’t always easy when children meet Mum or Dad’s ‘new friend’, but you won’t know how accepting they are going to be of a new relationship until you try. Yes it might be a bit of a challenge but then again, it may be absolutely fine. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by your children being over the moon to see their parent in a happy  relationship!

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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