The Difference Between Dating In Amsterdam & London

Whether you are transitioning from London to Amsterdam or the other way around, you may be wondering how different the locations really are. It may come as a shock, but these two places could not be more different when compared to each other. Amsterdam is known for the laid back atmosphere, while London is busier. These lifestyle differences apply even to dating. So before you go out and mingle, let us take a look at the difference between dating in Amsterdam & London.

The biggest difference between Amsterdam and London is dating communication. In London, many singles prefer to get straight to the point. If there is potential for a relationship, you will know because it is likely it will be brought up relatively quickly!  Dating in Amsterdam is the opposite. Everyone seems to consider dating as more chilled out, rather than a commitment. Many relationships are undefined and if you are not a local, that may be confusing to you. This may be a good chance to consider your own dating tactics and evaluate what you are really looking for.

Conversation wise, it can be the complete opposite. While London singles are often quite reserved, no topics are off limits in Amsterdam. You may find yourself being asked lots of different questions and it’s purely so they can assess compatibility. The more they can find out about you then the more they can decide if you might be a suitable match.

If you want to stay in Amsterdam, you will want to learn to go with the flow. For example, people choose to ride a bike everywhere. It may be helpful to learn a bit of Dutch so that you can understand road signs, but fortunately, most people in the city speak English. This is because Amsterdam has become an amalgamation of different ethnicities and customs. Amsterdam also has many student residents, and many of them are older (30+). Singles often live together as it is cheaper and a great way to increase their social circle.

When two people get together in Amsterdam they might well end up buying a property together before they get married. They may even start to raise a family before completely committing. That is the opposite of London where marriage usually comes before purchasing or having children.

In London, there are many tourists in and out of the city. This provides good conversation without the commitment of a lasting connection. London is so big you hardly have to worry about running into an ex or dating their friend. Amsterdam is a tourist attraction too, but many tourists fall in love and never leave. Amsterdam is also smaller so there are less singles available to date. For this reason, you might see the same people over and over. It can be a little friendlier and there is more of a community spirit.

If you are dating someone from Amsterdam, they might prefer to avoid any tourist filled area and go to quiet gems in the city. Let your date choose where to go and they will show you some of the hidden secrets.

Any two locations are going to vary slightly when it comes to the dating experience. That is what makes everything so interesting. The more open minded and adaptable you are then the more fun you will have along the way. The best thing is that dating between London and Amsterdam is now easier than ever. Along with regular flights, you can also catch the Eurostar train.

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Written by : James Preece
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