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The Most Romantic Walking Dates in London

Best parks for romantic walking dates in London

Sometimes a lovely date can be as simple as a stroll with the right person in the right place.

In London, we’re blessed with lots of beautiful parks, which means it is easy to head out of the hustle and bustle to find fresh air, a bit of greenery and plenty of space for conversation.

If you’re looking for a romantic walk in London for a date, one of the aforementioned parks is probably a safe bet. We’ll pick out five of our favourite romantic parks in London in this blog post. It is a tough ask given that there are so many great parks from which to choose, but here goes…

1. Hyde Park

Perhaps an obvious choice, but Hyde Park makes the list due to the sheer number of landmarks and events that it houses. There is usually something of interest going on, which means your date needn’t be restricted to just a walk given the various galleries, boat hire, tennis and even swimming activities on offer. That said, it’s nice for a simple stroll, too.

2. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of the biggest green expanses in London and also one of the wildest. It is also slightly less central than some of the other parks on this list. All of these things help to contribute to a sense of getting away from it all without even needing to leave the city.

3. Primrose Hill

Neatly tacked onto the back of Regents Park, Primrose Hill offers one of the best views of London. In fact, it is one of London’s six protected viewpoints. The trees are kept low to ensure this remain the case all year round, which means you can go on a romantic stroll at any time of year and get an inspiring glimpse of the city below. Benches at the top of the hill are a time-honoured place to sit, gaze at the view and chat – ideal for a romantic date.

4. Richmond Park

The largest of the eight Royal Parks, Richmond Park is another that is a little further off the beaten track, relatively speaking. The result is fewer tourists and arguably more chances of creating a romantic atmosphere. The park is a nature reserve and a conservation area, so there will be lots of talking points around you, including the herds of red and fallow deer.

5. Postman’s Park

In the heart of the City, just a stone’s throw from St Paul’s, is Postman’s Park. It is an unassuming green space compared to some of the expanses on this list, but it is no less romantic. The park, which borders the old General Post Office headquarters, is home to The Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice, sculptor George Frederic Watts’ tribute to those who lost their lives in the course of heroic acts.

Have we missed your favourite romantic park in London from our list? Let us know what would make your top 5 below.

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