Top Ten Reasons to Date a Brit

Dating a British person can be very rewarding. Here are our tops reasons why.

1. The accent.

The most obvious reason to date a British person is their accent. There’s no denying that almost everything sounds better when it’s said by a British person. Whether they are reading about current affairs or placing an order at a restaurant, there is doodling undeniably attractive about that particular accent.

There are many more subtle reasons that you should date a British person.

2. They don’t take everything seriously.

One problem the western world has is that people take anything too seriously. Few people are laid back, which makes it hard to speak up when you have a problem. Many British people are relaxed, which makes them much easier to talk to. This means you’ll feel comfortable expressing yourself.

3. You won’t always understand them, but it’ll be a learning experience.

If you’re from the western world, you’re in for quite the ride. There are many words that British people don’t use the same. There are many words that describe something completely different from what you’re used to. The difference in dialect may make it harder to understand your partner sometimes. The good thing is, they are often willing to explain these differences to you.

4. They have more patience than most.

It doesn’t matter if you have to ask a million questions. Many British people are actually used to inquisitive minds. They are also more patient when it comes to romantic disputes. As gentle souls, they are often understanding and sympathetic as well.

5. You will always have something to talk about.

Most British people are incredibly conversational. They know how to keep the conversation flowing, even when things start to dull down. Of course, the difference in dialect and British slang will also provide a good variety of topics. You’ll also be able to discuss the differences between your culture and theirs.

6. They are just as polite in real life.

The entertainment industry paints most British people as polite, almost to a fault. While many may think this is just a stereotype, it’s actually true. You’re likely to find your British mate apologizing for things they didn’t even do just out of habit. They apologize to each other just as often.

7. Men demonstrate chivalry without hesitation.

The British are known to be cultured and refined. It should come as no surprise that chivalry is alive and thriving in the UK. Men will hold doors open and walk on the outside of the sidewalk. They will pull a seat out for their female companions. You may not be used to it at first, but you’ll learn how important it is to the culture.

8. The average British person knows how to dress up for any occasion.

Not only do British men practice chivalry, but they are also elegant in other ways. One of these ways is fashion. It isn’t uncommon for a British man to know the finer details of being well dressed, such as fastening a tie or using cufflinks. British women are the same. You will never have to question the style of a British partner.

9. The charm is a gift that just keeps giving.

Along with chivalry and a great fashion sense, most British people are quite charming. It may be a combination of their culture and upbringing. It may be in their genetics. Either way, you’ll likely find yourself swept up with their sweet talk.

10. British people enjoy sharing, a lot.

When you’re dating a British person, you’ll find they always want to share things with you. Maybe it will be pictures of things they’re doing or have done. Maybe it will be little thoughts and sweet sentiments. They will always want to share themselves with you, even in seemingly trivial ways.

Dating a British person is a great idea if you’re looking for someone caring who will be invested in the relationship. Plus, there will never be an argument against a cup of tea.

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Written by : James Preece
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