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Matchmaker Gillian McCallum in OK Magazine

As Valentine’s Day approaches one dating guru is on a mission to help celebrities find their perfect, non-famous matches – just like George Clooney and Adele.

Brad Pitt may have the looks and talent, Rihanna is beautiful and has a successful career under her belt and brooding Harry Styles is set for life thanks to being one fifth of One Direction.

But their success, appearance and riches doesn’t help them with love, because their ultra fame only decreases their chances of finding ‘the one’ – especially when they have such a restrictive social circle full of peers.

That’s the surprising truth when it comes to dating when you’re famous and single according to expert Gillian McCallum who runs celebrity dating agency Drawing Down the Moon, featured as a gift in this year’s Oscars £175,000 goody bag.

It’s not like celebrities are opposed to dating non-celebrities, Gillian explains to OK! Online, it’s that they’re not always sure who they can trust not to blab about the Hollywood film star or award-winning musician they just went out to dinner with.

“The main reason they can’t trust a member of the general public is because they don’t know if they want to get to know them because they are a celebrity,” she said.

So there’s a reason why actors like Brad and Angelina Jolie fall in love on set, or the Strictly Come Dancing curse strikes – because they’re spending long working hours together and eventually chemistry sparks.

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