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Gillian McCallum gives dating advice on BBC Radio

Gillian McCallum, matchmaker and dating expert spoke to the listeners of BBC Radio Derby this morning, about a recent post on Mumsnet. The lady who posted wondered if she was right to be upset that her husband had unilaterally decided to go on a male only holiday to Las Vegas for his 40th Birthday. This left her and 3 children at home. Did Gillian think this was reasonable? No, she did not ! Not only was this a landmark birthday, but not taking into account your partners perspective, is selfish, self-centred and worse of all, unkind. Further more, there are practical implications, was joint money used for this trip? What provision has he made for for childcare while he is away? Will his wife have 24 hour caring duties for three children? Is this holiday eating into his annual leave allowance, and therefore family holiday time? More importantly, what does this mean for their relationship that one party wants to dictate a decision, and travel without their partner for such a big milestone?

Does what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas? Tune in below to find out what Gillian had to say.

Radio Interview with Gillian

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