Q: What age range do you cover?

A At present we’re able match women from 24-62+ and men from 29-72+. If you’re outside these ranges click on this link: www.loveandfriends.com and explore our free internet dating site covering all age groups.

Q: Is membership only for Londoners?

A If you live in London or the South East of the UK, that’s great, this is where a lot of our members live.

Most of our members are very cosmopolitan in outlook.  European and international introductions can also be offered by arrangement

Q: I’ve heard Drawing Down the Moon described as a matchmaking agency for thinking people, but I’m not an intellectual or academic from an ivory tower university like Oxford or Cambridge – will I be compatible with your members?

A OK, it’s true we probably have the highest proportion of highly educated members of all the personal dating agencies.  However, intelligent ‘graduates of the school of life’ are more than welcome.

Q: Is Drawing Down the Moon only for the elite, millionaires, the wealthy, seekers of sugar daddies, etc?

A  OK, some of our members could be described as ‘high net worth’, but we also attract many on a more modest budget such as small business owners, academics, teachers, musicians, actors and civil servants.

If you feel another approach would suit you better, we can outline a range of alternative options including  our own internet dating site, www.loveandfriends.com, which provides a free service, also designed for intelligent singles.