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Time Out London

Things You Only Know if You’re a… Matchmaker

At Drawing Down the Moon we’ve got clients from their late twenties to their early seventies, but recently…

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The Marylebone Journal

A Date With Destiny

Scarred by past experiences, the Marylebone Journal seeks to learn the secrets of successful dating with the help of a local introductions agency

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The Guardian

I’ve always done matchmaking.

When I was a child I’d match dolls, rabbits, kittens.

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Independent on Sunday

The Dating Expert

After 17 years in the dating business I have a few rules about general compatibility. I try and match people’s energy levels.

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The Telegraph

The Telegraph:

A female TV Presenter is single man’s Ideal Date An analysis of 23,000 “matches” by two dating agencies says men believe that female journalists…

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The Independent

Professional way to find a partner

Mary Balfour met her husband up a ladder …Despite the chance nature of that meeting and its subsequent romantic outcome…

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Management Today

Mary Balfour – how does she manage?

It’s about realising the mission of my business, which is to create as many happy endings as possible. Our purpose in life is to bring people together. To do that, I manage my team of 16 matchmakers.

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The Independent

“The Matchmaker”

Mary Balfour runs the Drawing Down the Moon and introduction agencies. She lives with her husband Sebastian in an Edwardian house in west London

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The Telegraph Magazine

Hardlife, The Matchmaker

Many incredibly attractive and articulate people living in London and the South-East. Most are graduates and are well-travelled or have been living, say, in Paris or New York.

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Financial Times

Singled Out for Special Treatment
“Doctors and lawyers never tell anybody they’ve joined,” says Balfour.

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