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Best Matchmaker – Drawing Down the Moon – Andrea Messent

2017 has brought much excitement to our buzzing Marylebone Matchmaking office. The Winner for Best Global Matchmaker 2017 was announced at the iDate Awards ceremony on January 25, 2017 in Miami and we were thrilled to announce that our much loved Matchmaker Andrea Messent won the Award for Best Matchmaker!

This international recognition has cemented Andrea’s talent for creating lasting connections. Andrea is delighted; “I am incredibly excited and humbled to have won Best Matchmaker. I love matching my clients – what an honour. I always matched my friends and to be able to match people every day is a dream come true. I do really have to thank everyone at DDM – every match we make is discussed with the whole team, so it really is a team award. It’s wonderful to win an award for something that I really love and care about.”

So what is the secret to being hailed the Best Matchmaker in the World? Andrea tells us that “if a first date match is a ‘yes’ or, importantly, a ‘maybe’ you must meet for a second time! Some of my happiest clients in the best relationships are two people where one wasn’t entirely sure about the match on the first date, but I encouraged them to meet again because I knew they had strong fundamentals and shared values requited for a long and happy relationship.” Any hints for things to avoid on a first date? “Make sure you are on time, being late kicks the whole thing off on the wrong foot, talking about exes is a big no-no, but people still do it, and make sure you dress smartly, first impressions are still hard to beat. And of course, be interested! Your date usually loves being asked questions about them and their background.”

When I asked Andrea how she felt about her newfound Best Matchmaker in the World title she laughed and said, “I’m not sure about World domination but it works really well when you are a nosy person like I am and are really, genuinely interested in other people – getting to know my clients really well means that matching them is much easier, and of course, I love cheering them on to romantic success!”

Not only does 2017 mark Andrea’s status as the World’s best matchmaker, she is also getting married this year and we cannot wait to be dancing at her wedding! As fate would have it, Andrea’s love of matching and the love of her life are inextricably linked; “When I met my fiancé at my friend’s birthday party – it was the day I went for my interview at Drawing Down the Moon. I often think – what if I had been ill that day? I would have missed so much!”

The Drawing Down the Moon Matchmaking team are humbled that the work we do here has been celebrated by Andrea Messent winning this honour, such a brilliant start to what has continued to be a very successful year in creating beautiful relationships. Well done Andrea!

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