Matchmaker Reviews – Jeylan

I would definitely recommend your service for anyone searching for someone special. Thanks for a positive experience with a happy ending. – J.S.

We were going to write and let you know that we got married just over a month ago! Thank you to the team for matching us two and half years ago-you can add us to the list of happy endings for your matches : ) – S.W.

We met through DDTM in February last year and at the end of March this year we were married. Our feelings about DDTM will be self- evident, may it go from strength to strength! – J.G.

Our relationship so far has brought us some of the happiest moments of our lives. We do not know as yet what it will hold for us in the future, but what we do know is that we want to concentrate all our energies on the adventure which is unfolding. The rest is in hands other than our own.

We would both like to thank you and your staff for the chance to meet one another, & to wish you all a very Happy New Year. – A.P.

Although we both work in closely related areas and share a number of similar interests, there is little doubt that without our both being members of Drawing down the Moon, we probably would not have met. – C.S

I believe it was a case of “love at first sight” on both sides. I am pleased to say that we got married last month. The day was special and absolutely perfect. We’re so happy with each other and could not imagine being apart from each other now. – A.S.

You will be please to know that we are intending to get married this summer. Many thanks for all your help in bringing this about and may you continue to prosper in the future.  – P.W.

We are writing to resign out membership from Drawing down the Moon. Through your agency we have now been together for just over 9 months.

Just thought we’d let you know that we have been together since April and are also engaged. The other good news is that we are expecting a baby in May and are both very excited life has transformed dramatically for us both, thanks to you! – S.K.

Professional and caring they have been on this journey with me from the start and they genuinely care about their clients and want to help them find the right match.

Becoming single after many years of marriage was an unnerving experience and the adjustments to a completely new way of life took a goodly while. Finally the time seemed right time to start look for a new relationship, but the landscape had changed completely over the decades since I was single. Internet dating was a strange and alien land, and whilst some people are comfortable there it certainly wasn’t the place for me. This led to DDM after quite a bit of searching and talking to a variety of agencies. I have been a member now for a couple of years and have certainly met some interesting and stimulating individuals. The team at DDM is engaged and supportive; trying to match individuals is clearly a challenge and DDM rises well to that challenge. The journey continues and I remain positive about seeing where it takes me. – F.B