Matchmaker Reviews – Jade

Thank you from both of us for seeing that we might just get on. We have had the happiest year of our lives and having experienced moderate relationships in the past know that ours, facilitated by you, is extremely special. – T.T.

We will be forever grateful to you and the team at DDM for introducing us to one another and wish you another thirty years of success. – A.B.

I joined Drawing down the Moon in February and we met in May that year. After holiday-ing together in Australia and America as well as Europe, we moved in together in March and now have a five week old baby daughter.

I really don’t know quite how I can thank you enough for having introduced us. It sounds quite trite to say, but I can’t think of anything other than that is has entirely and completely changed our lives, and I don’t think either of us has ever known quite such happy times since we met.

Thank you ever so much for what you did for us both.

With fondest wishes – L.M.

I am writing on behalf of Ben and myself to ask you to put our membership on hold. We can tell you that having recently met each other, Ben and I found the chemistry and mutual interest so strong that we have embarked upon a relationship which can already be described as ‘going steady’. Perhaps in modern days ‘newspeak’ we could describe ourselves as an item! – T.M.

We are very, very happy to be embarking on a life together, keep up the good work.A.E.

Sorry I haven’t written earlier I know you like some feedback every so often. Well the good news is that we are getting married! I don’t think you can get a much better result than that so chalk up another victory and thanks for everything. – G.H.

I thought you ought to know how the story developed. We lasted, and the relationship grew, not (being human) entirely without the odd up and down, but slowly and steadily. We have now agreed that we should get married, much to the delight of our respective families, and we hope to do so later in the year.

I recently received a note from you, although I wasn’t aware that I was still a member. Anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know that Edward and I, who met I through you, are now very much together and expecting our first child in May next year. So thank you from us both!K.C.