Matchmaker Reviews – Andrea

I reached out to Andrea last Spring, a time when the idea of trying to meet someone in the middle of a pandemic seemed unlikely at best, but she really helped me have hope. I appreciated that she took the time to get to know me, what I valued in a relationship and what I wanted in a partner. Understanding just like life, this would be a process and journey of learning for both of us, she used each of the introductions as a way to understand more of what I valued in a relationship. Andrea introduced me to a match back in October, someone not available at the start of my search as it turns out, and our timing, and her insight hit the sweet spot. It’s hard to put into words how amazing it’s been to have met such a warm, lovely, funny, kind, and genuine person. I’m glad I trusted the process and lucky to have had Andrea invested in me to help make it work.
I honestly can’t thank DDM enough.
– H.C.

I had a positive experience working with Andrea and the team at DDM. Andrea is very friendly and made me feel safe throughout my membership. – N.S.

I think the most important thing I have learned from my experience with Andrea at DDM is not to be too quick to judge a book by its cover.
Andrea rang me to tell me about an amazing guy called Charlie. He ticked many of my ‘must have’ boxes, but I was somewhat deterred by the fact he is a Christian. I am agnostic, I told her. I really didn’t think we would be a good match. Andrea really felt we were a fit in terms of everything else, so she wanted to speak to him to clarify his position.
To Andrea, he quoted that line from Notting Hill, “I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl”. Andrea and I giggled at how romantic this was. So nothing ventured , nothing gained, I agreed to meet him.
The ninety minutes I’d granted him ran into three hours. He is active, he cycled to our date; his children had styled him, which was so sweet; he’s bright; we make one another laugh and sometimes we just get the fits of the giggles!
Andrea was right – we do have a lot in common. We accept that our beliefs are different, but respect ‘the other’ for the integrity of their view. Something I thought was a deal-breaker turned out to be anything but.
The advantage in lockdown is that you have the time to talk, and listen – which we are still doing every night.
So thank you Andrea. This book, with its questionable cover, appears to be a good enough read …. and we are looking forward to living life to the full!
– J.P.

It was a big step to start dating after being widowed for 3 years. Andrea made the process very easy and after a few different dates I met the new love of my life, and we are now living very happily together. DDTM might be regarded by some as ‘old fashioned’ compared with internet dating but for me this was the only tenable way to enter the dating market in my did 60’s – and it worked! Thank you to Andrea and her colleagues. – Brinton G

With rusty dating skills and complete unfamiliarity with matchmaking agencies, I approached Drawing Down The Moon with some trepidation. My fears were immediately allayed by Andrea, and the journey has been an enjoyable adventure. Andrea is delightful, she has very good interpersonal skills, she is professional and discrete. The search has been slightly more complex as I am based outside the UK but the caliber of the introductions has been great. My dating journey continues and I am confident it will have a happy ending – Helen

Andrea is a superstar and it’s clear that she takes pride in what she does. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning and was a pleasure to work with throughout. She made time to get to know me and what I was looking for in a partner. During lockdowns and social distancing I thought it would be difficult to meet the right person but Andrea proved me wrong by introducing me to someone late last year and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Andrea… I owe you debt that can never be repaid!! – Edward J

Andrea from Drawing Down the Moon (DDM) was more than the best match maker. She was passionate about her work , and had genuine interests of who I was and who I was looking for. By answering her detailed questionnaire, and going through the potential matches she has carefully selected for me, I became clearer about how open-minded I should be and what the core characters I should not comprise.

My boyfriend and I would not have met if it were not for Andrea and DDM. We are both very happy and grateful. – H.Z

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed particular problems in terms of meeting new people, but Andrea, Senior Matchmaker, and her colleague Matilda have not let it stop them doing their excellent work. Andrea is very skilled at matching people and thinking creatively about compatibility, and has introduced me to a lovely man with whom I’m developing a happy relationship. Zoom is proving very helpful in getting to know each other. Thank you, Andrea, and keep up the great work. – L.M.

My sincere thanks to Andrea for her exceptional ability to listen, understand, guide and match when it comes to matters of the heart.
It’s rare in life that we meet someone in whom we can entrust our innermost thoughts, hopes and vulnerabilities. Andrea has been an absolute rock, patient and empathetic and quite amazing in her ability to bring together like minded souls.
– K.R.

The team are highly professional and insightful.They make you feel relaxed from the beginning. That has led to a more rewarding experience. I feel Andrea has become a trusted friend. – P.M.

I decided the time was right to actually do something about my single status, but looking on internet sites made my heart sink. I reasoned that someone paying these fees would already be self-selected, but I was sceptical about the vetting process! I found however that the staff were lovely, listening, confident of finding me someone and supportive throughout the process. I think they really understood what mattered to me in a partner. Was a little disconcerted by the lack of photos, but took Andrea’s advice and am still with the second person I dated 9 months on, despite the strange circumstances of Covid and the challenges of socially distanced dating! They really took personal delight in our happiness. Are you serious about finding a partner of quality who has been vetted by a team with a good instinct? Then what are you waiting for? – D.M.

I’ve had such a positive experience with DDM… from the first meeting with Andrea I felt in very safe and professional hands. I knew she would introduce me to like minded people and possibly push my boundaries a little. And she did!! I’ve met a wonderful man who has all the qualities I was looking for and am certain I would never have met him without joining DDM. Thank you so much Andrea! – P.G.

I felt very supported by Andrea at all stages of the process. My 4th date and I have just celebrated eighteen very happy months together. I am delighted! – N.B.

Deciding to join a matchmaking agency was a big step for many reasons but I am so glad that I did. Andrea has been so supportive throughout the journey and I’ve had the opportunity to meet an interesting mix of people that I may otherwise never come across in my normal day to day.

I needed to break free from my typical dating habits and this did the trick! It has been so much fun working with Andrea, Annie and the team and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

If I hadn’t given this a go I know I would be haunted by thoughts of ‘what if?’ all the time. No regrets! You have to be in it to win it, as they say. Thank you Andrea and the team! – T.O.

Working with DDM and with Andrea has been a super interesting experience. First time I ever reached out to an Agency like DDM, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. At times it has felt scary, sometimes it’s felt weird, but it has always felt exciting and it has always felt positive.  And throughout this process I have always felt supported by Andrea. 
I reached out to DDM and decided to work with Andrea because they are experts in what they do, because dating apps were just not for me and because I didn’t know how to go about dating again after years of just focusing on my career. I really trusted that expertise and let that guide me through the process. Andrea’s openness and constant guidance has been invaluable.  Things have always felt less scary with her support. 
I have always felt comfortable discussing every topic with her.  It was clear early on that it was key for her to know me as much as possible to make the best of my matches.  And I think our strategy worked. 
Andrea introduced me to a couple of people that were really great, but just not right for me.  And the 3rd introduction was with someone that I am still seeing after 3 months. It’s been an amazing journey and we are really happy and I know I would not have met him if not through Andrea and DDM.
This process can sometimes feel a little daunting, but Andrea has been so kind and also very respectful of the pace that worked for me, it has always felt like a partnership.  I am forever grateful.  Thank you Andrea ! – Bea

I’ve had such a positive experience with DDM… from the first meeting with Andrea I felt in very safe and professional hands.  I knew she would introduce me to likeminded people and possibly push my boundaries a little.  And she did!!  I’ve met a wonderful man who has all the qualities I was looking for and am certain I would never have met him without joining DDM.  Thank you so much Andrea! – P.G.