Matchmaker Reviews – Aileen

We would both like to thank you for introducing us and making both of our lives so much happier and more fulfilling. It would be nice to think you could bring as much happiness to other couples as you have brought to us. – S.H.

We do sometimes reflect on how quickly our lives have changed since we met. We do feel lucky to have found each other and our happiness has been matched by our two daughters. – W.S.

We’re both very pleased and happy with what seemed initially to be an intrepid and strange venture… – T.H.

Whilst some agencies are currently arousing controversy, we thought we would write to you with a success story! Living together proved blissful, we got engaged last month in Ireland and are now enthusiastically planning our wedding for March. None of this would have been possible without Drawing down the Moon, rather clichéd, but true! We are open about how we met and recommend your friendly and discreet service to friends.

With many thanks and best wishes. – V.N.

Did we ever thank you for introducing us? Our apologies if not but we will be eternally grateful to you and everyone at DDM!A.C.

I joined Drawing down the Moon in August but within a fortnight went ‘on hold’. The first man on my original selection to call me was also the first man I met, and we have been together ever since! After we had known each other a few weeks we were happily confident we were a permanent relationship, and so far anyway we have been tremendously happy. – J.H.

Little did I know that coming to DDM 9 months ago was going to transform my life so dramatically and so very quickly. Amelia’s written details fascinated me right away and I was keenly writing her name within an hour of meeting with you. She responded soon and we met within a few days. Magically, we were instantly very attracted to one another and have had the most lovely time together ever since, both here in London and travelling around the World. We bought this flat together a month or so ago, I just feel incredibly lucky. She’s a remarkable woman, and you’re a remarkable organisation. Thank goodness I plucked up the courage to come and see you. – R.B.

Thank you for introducing us and making life so very much different for us.A.A.