Have you always dreamt about becoming a Matchmaker, or know someone who has?

Now is the chance.

Drawing Down the Moon is offering the equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. The position of Trainee Matchmaker with the UK’s original matchmaking firm.

Now in its 39th Year, multi-award winning DDM has been responsible for tens of thousands of relationships, engagements, marriages and of course, children.

We are looking for the very best to join us, people with outstanding “soft skills”. You will have huge amounts of empathy, compassion, positivity and will be a strong communicator with excellent listening skills. You are unlikely to have any experience in matchmaking, but your work experience will emphasise strong customer service, or involve positions and experience that have displayed the requirement for diplomacy, tact and understanding of others’ perspectives in your day to day work.

You are likely to have a variety of hobbies and interests outside of work, with a wide friendship circle. You will be someone who enjoys putting other people first, and thrives in a friendly, team-driven, working environment.

We build strong relationships with our clients, many of whom consider us friends, so you will be someone who is currently considered a trusted and discreet friend, someone who is not quick to judge. We are very privileged to be welcomed into the private lives of our clients, something we do not take for granted.

Your day to day duties will involve speaking on the telephone, so it is really important that you enjoy this and are aware that this is an important part of your role. The first few months are rigorous, to ensure you have a strong understanding of both the history and values of our company.

Every potential client is invited to meet with us, in our offices in Marylebone, so you must be polished and presentable.

Sometimes some of the best people who have applied to us have underestimated their skill-set. If you think you might be one of those people, please do apply.

Drawing Down the Moon’s offices are based in the heart of Marylebone Village. We will provide you with ongoing training and development, to ensure that you are able to support our clients with confidence, knowledge, expertise and care.

Please email your CV and brief cover letter with current/recent salary to love@drawingdownthemoon.co.uk along with salary expectations. We look forward to hearing from you.