Matchmaker Reviews – Natalie

Even though DDM is in London, as a client from a foreign country I have no doubt on recommending DDM. They are professional, committed and most of all real.
I’ve had a great experience especially with Natalie who took care of me since the beginning, understanding my needs and my profile.
Watch out for scam websites! It is too easy. I had a terrible experience before arriving with DDM. They collect the money and never even start the work

Thanking Natalie and Andrea for introducing me to a wonderful man. I have never felt so attracted to anyone on a first meeting and our conversation flowed easily. We would never have met without our DDTM introduction. Natalie handled my return to dating with great sensitivity. The team have the highest professional standards and pivoted during Covid-19 to help their clients experience the joy of dating well – B.A.

During the difficulties of lockdown, who would believe that through an introduction from DDM a relationship could blossom through “Zoom”. Both George and I are thrilled that we were given the opportunity to meet and start what has begun. From the introduction Natalie encouraged us to take, our nervous response has opened the doorway to an exciting future. Our thanks to Natalie and all the team at DDM – S.H.

My experience of Drawing Down the Moon has been great. Natalie managed to help me find the way through the dating maze in a friendly, caring and professional way. Thank you DDM – C.H.

I have had a truly wonderful experience with DDTM.

After deciding to try dating again after over 20 years it was daunting to say the least.
However I knew that the best part of my life was still ahead of me and I wanted someone really special to share that.

Natalie has been amazing … she is like a trusted friend and I have grown so fond of her and Annie also.

I have met such interesting men and have had some fabulous introductions….it has been a really enjoyable experience.

I have also learnt a lot about myself along the way and actually think I have grown as a person during this process.

Up until now I haven’t met ‘The One’ and that is absolutely fine because I am having fun along the way but I am confident that DDTM will find that special person for me

If you are reading this I wish you success and happiness in finding your ‘one’ xxx – Suzanne

I’m writing this review, as it would have been helpful when I was debating whether to hire a matchmaker, and more importantly, which one to choose.

I interviewed with five of the main matchmaking agencies in central London.  While they have a lot of similarities in terms of offering dates, some seemed more focused on superficial ideals. In the end there were two that stood out, mainly due to the members (men and women) wanting long term relationships with like-minded people.

After much contemplation, I signed with Natalie at DDM. First, DDM is focused on matching people based on shared values. Secondly, Natalie, above all the matchmakers I met seemed to understand my personal history and fears. She took my desire to find an intelligent, career and family focused partner, at the same stage of life, seriously.

At first, I thought their philosophy of not exchanging photographs before a date was a terrible idea. What if my date was akin to Quasimodo, or worse, they were disappointed when I walked in the room?

Through Natalie, I was pushed to discover what it is I need and truly want in a partner. In her gentle way, she challenged me to go beyond my fear and ego.

One day, before the first introduction, I had a meeting with all the matchmakers, (special mention to Andrea and Annie who are also wonderful) and afterwards, placed my very long list of requirements in the bin.

Month after month, and introduction after introduction, my heart began to open. Once again I saw the beauty the right partner could bring to your life. I’ve learned to have boundaries. I’ve learned what works for me, and most importantly what does not, in a safe and caring environment.

A good matchmaker does not provide a parade of perfectly curated humans, they provide introductions with people who are intellectually and emotionally aligned with you.

My experience wasn’t perfect, because I’m not perfect, nor is anyone else. At the beginning, I was overwhelmed with jittery nerves. One date I refused, one date I was so board I left after 45 minutes, and one time I was disappointed when a man cancelled on me.

However, none of that matters because Natalie introduced me to brilliant, funny, decent, kind, and caring men. I grew as a person. I opened my heart. I met lovely, intelligent men, who have full lives, who are amazing fathers, and want to meet a woman with shared values.  I met these men because Natalie listened to me, and she knew, better than me at times, what I really wanted.

What did I learn:
1.     What we think we want and need is likely inaccurate. (Throw out the list)
2.     Have three dates with someone you’re interested in before making any decisions. (Unless they are insane, then run)
3.     Don’t drink too much and pay attention to how you feel.
4.     Ask yourself if you would want to date you, then make the necessary adjustments.
5.     Build the life you want regardless of “Calling in the One” and if he or she hasn’t arrived, just give it time.

So, would I recommend my single male or female friends use a matchmaker?  Yes, absolutely. Especially someone like Natalie, who has your back through the entire dating process –   something no app can offer.

Natalie is a true romantic and believes in love. Natalie believes there is someone special for each of us, and she genuinely celebrates when the magic happens, as it has for me. – Jane W.