Valentine’s Day…

So January is now over and, for one reason or another, most New Year resolutions have by now been broken. Be honest. Are you still going to the gym as planned? Are you still abstaining from having that glass of wine? Has chocolate crept back into your diet? Well don’t beat yourself up over it as over 75 percent of the country break their good intentions by now!

But wait, we now have to think about that one particular day a year when a) if you’re in a relationship or dating you’re probably going to need lots of extra cash to impress your partner/date or b) if you’re single or you may well be wishing you weren’t! Yes I’m talking about Valentine’s Day and it’s only 7 days away! The world of dating doesn’t get much busier than on 14th of February.

So how are you going to be spending your Valentine’s Day? If you are happily coupled up then your choices really are endless – a romantic dinner for two, a weekend in Paris, a Spa day for two – one thing is certain, you’ll be spending far more on everything (especially in London) than their normal price the remaining 364 days of the year! But when it comes to love, does cost matter?

And what if you’re single? Do you stay at home feeling sorry for your self whilst couples are out enjoying themselves? Well that could be an option, but not a very tempting one. Valentine’s Day is the one day when bars may well be full of other single people (forget restaurants, you’d be the odd one out!) so why not organise a night out with your single friends or better still, organise a singles party and get in the dating mood? If however you prefer not to celebrate with others, why not treat yourself and be your own Valentine! Have a night in with a good film and delicious food enjoying your own company. As a singleton on Valentine’s Day you do have plenty of options and with the added bonus of no need to worry about the dent in a wallet!

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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