The ‘marriage-saver’ toilet seat!

Kunio Harimoto, who sells Japan’s all-singing, all-dancing latrines around the world, takes loos rather seriously. One of his big innovations — dubbed the “marriage-saver” — is the  motion-sensitive loo seat that rises when approached by a man and automatically lowers for a woman – perhaps the secret of life-long marital harmony.

Sir John Harington's flushing toilet design

Well guys, what are you waiting for?   I haven’t got a photo of this wonderful invention.  However, here are some designs executed by my husband’s ancestor, Sir John Harington, godson to Elizabeth I and also a talented poet.  He was rather concerned that Lizzie wasn’t being provided with the best sanitary facilities and designed ‘The Ajax’, the very first flushing loo.  No, it wasn’t Thomas Crapper, he just copied it.  Look closely and you’ll see fish swimming in the tank!  Here’s a pic of Sir John, and no, my lovely husband Sebastian bears no resemblance to to him whatsoever!

Sir John Harington



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Written by : Mary Balfour
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