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Another excellent piece in the FT about Drawing Down the Moon last Friday – here’s the link:

Lucia van der Post writes that once the carefree 20s are over, lots of things change – with more responsibility at work, there’s less leisure time … and fewer carefree parties take place.   30+ singletons say that the only single people they meet are at work.  More people  are turning to introduction agencies to meet like-minded, eligible singles in the same way that they would use professional help to organise other aspects of their lives.

Alex and Angela, a couple that we’d matched up at Drawing Down the Moon, told Lucia that they’d been totally disillusioned by internet dating.  Photos bore no relationship to how their dates really looked and most lied about their ages. Alex said: “If I’d met Angela in the business world I wouldn’t have dared approach her – it would be seem inappropriate and anyway, I’d have had no idea if she was single.  Meeting her through Drawing Down the Moon I knew that she was, like me, looking for a relationship.  Mary made us both feel very safe.  We knew everybody we met had been checked out”.

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