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Just click *here to listen to the world’s top gurus  debating best dating tips.

Heaps of effective strategies for dating success in this lively webinar. It’s quite long  so perhaps pour yourself a glass of wine, then click on the link above to reach the Daters Anonymous site where you’ll see the play button for the webinar!

I was invited to take part by Anita Maree who has written a hilarious novel about the perils of on-line dating. Heaps of useful strategies for success.

Do read Anita’s book “Daters Anonymous Live” as well.  It’s the story that will show you  the traps and pitfalls awaiting you out there in the Internet Dating game.  You will sharpen your dating IQ!  You’ll laugh out loud! And you may well see why personal dating agencies are by far the better option for busy professionals!

By the way, at Drawing Down the Moon we are planning regular, free webinars of our own. The matchmakers and I will be on hand to discuss tried and tested strategies for maximising your chances of meeting that special person.  You can join in and also ask questions.    Watch this space!

*(This webinar is no longer available)

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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