Getting a Buzz from Independence

Forget about your quest for a significant other for a moment. Let’s look at the joys and advantages of being unattached and then imagine how great it would be if you could also enjoy most of these in a relationship! What’s the secret?

I believe that being properly single at some stage is a ‘must’ if you want to discover yourself and be a positive, independent-minded human being. As long as you have a good social life, being on your own can be an enriching experience that enables you to set priorities. You’ll have more to offer if you do go into a relationship and you’ll know what you want out of it. When you finally embark on your adventure in togetherness, you’ll bring strength to the new relationship and the individuality of each of you will be all the more enhanced. After the break-up of any kind of partnership, it is especially good to have a spell by yourself. It can be tough, but it’s certainly better than rushing, with all your emotional neediness, straight into a new relationship. Look around you: happy singles make happy couples!

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Written by : Mary Balfour
- Posted in: Independent Women
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