Meeting New People

Five signs you are a lazy dater

With the frequency at which we are going on dates, it’s incredibly easy to become complacent about the whole thing. It is almost a nationally accepted idea that dating is just “a numbers game”

Love and Friends

This morning I was late for work. I slept through my alarm (Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, absolute tune) which turned my usually serene hour of getting ready and preparing myself for the day ahead into a nightmarish 23 minutes of tripping over my cat

Would You #DateTheseShoes?

They say so much about who we are and what’s important to us. Here at Drawing Down the Moon we’ve been discussing the importance of good footwear and the impression…

Dating as a Single Parent

Are you a single parent and can’t (or maybe won’t) find time for dating? This blog will inspire you to think differently.

Exciting New Ventures and Dating

At Drawing Down the Moon we’re always looking for new & inspiring ways to spread our wings so to speak and increase our clients’ happiness by offering little extras to their memberships.

Men and their Ex-files

Drawing Down the Moon’s dating advice for professional men in London and the South East of England. The topics of conversation to avoid on a first date.

Blondes or Brunettes?

At DDM we ask people based in London interested in dating and relationships if real beauty can be defined by short or tall, blonde or brunette.

Valentine’s Day…

The world of dating doesn’t get much busier than on the 14th of February. What do you have planned this year?

Why Career Women Reject Internet Dating

The internet is creating a growing asymmetry of expectations between men and women in the dating market. Men are increasingly turning away from personal introduction agencies…

Christmas Pulling Guide

The best ways to attract his attention and impress him while you’re talking to him!

Informal Ways To Meet Singles

Smart singles are always ready to grab the unexpected opportunity. It used to be only men who seized chances for a chat-up line or played metaphorical footsy.