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Watch flirting tips videos

Have you ever wanted to get to know and exchange phone numbers with that devastating guy or woman you’ve spotted across the room? Watch my video on how to do this in seven easy moves.

Flirt School – day three

Switching on flirtatious feelings Learning to flirt more effectively isn’t just about learning new behaviour. First and foremost, it’s about getting in touch with the golden, feel-good space deep down inside you without which it’s impossible to flirt.  This is really useful when you’re feeling… Read more »

Flirt School – day two

Playing just a little ‘hard to get’ and the ‘thrill of the chase’ can generate amazing erotic electricity. Of course, as with any communication technique…

Flirt School – day one

‘Help! I’m not a born flirt’, I can hear some of you say. Wrong. You were born a fabulous flirt. We were all born fabulous flirts.