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Five signs you are a lazy dater

With the frequency at which we are going on dates, it’s incredibly easy to become complacent about the whole thing. It is almost a nationally accepted idea that dating is just “a numbers game”

Love and Friends

This morning I was late for work. I slept through my alarm (Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, absolute tune) which turned my usually serene hour of getting ready and preparing myself for the day ahead into a nightmarish 23 minutes of tripping over my cat

Moving On After Divorce

‘They’d say no’, ‘It’s too soon’, ‘I’d be embarrassed’. You’ll find that people are often surprisingly receptive. You never know what will happen if you just take a chance.

Single Parent Dating Tips

It’s a matter of fact these days that many people themselves single and with a family. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to find love and companionship, although it’s likely going to be more complex than in those carefree days before children.

Five great ideas for museum dates in London

Given that many museums are now choosing to hold events or special opening hours in the evening or later into the night, the idea of a museum as a nice, refined date venue is not likely to change any time soon.

Internet dating tips for women

Drawing Down the Moon has put together a list of dating tips to help women on their way to finding that special someone, along with an informative video.