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Crumbs, my first blog.

Right, why am I doing this blog?  I’ve been asked more times than I’ve had hot dinners to give hopeful singles helpful dating tips.  Not just for my clients but for anyone seeking a soul mate.  “Surely, after nearly 25 years of matchmaking, you must know what works?” I’m always being asked.

It’s true, at the Agency we can usually tell within a minute of someone darkening our doorway which guys and gals we can match.  Ok, we probably have more happy endings under our belt than other agencies, but DDM doesn’t work for everyone.  In fact we only invite about 30-40% of applicants to join.

We need to know that they’re able to form a relationship, that they’re the type we already have potential partners for.  But it’s always a gamble.  No human-being on earth is without challenge or one kind or another.  We all come with baggage. At least if we’re past our twenties.

I’m hoping that my team of matchmakers will help out and do some blogging too from time to time.  Maybe some of my colleagues in the dating industry will contribute and of course all of you singles out there, whether you’ve recently broken up or you’ve been looking for a while

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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