Become a Dating Ambassador

Women like the reassurance and security of meeting quality dates who have been personally interviewed and ID checked. Men, who are not so concerned about security, will tend towards using internet dating.

This is why Drawing Down the Moon has a pro-active recruitment strategy to redress the balance.  Here’s how it works: we have a team of ‘ambassadors’ and ‘affiliates’ who network and seek out single, relationship-minded individuals,  mostly men, to whom we offer a free, three months trial membership should they satisfy our exacting joining criteria and are a good match for one or more of our existing members.   They undergo the same rigorous interview process as full members.

A handsome referral fee is payable to Drawing Down the Moon ambassadors or affiliates who refer either full paying members to Drawing Down the Moon, or honorary members.

We’re completely open about our pro-active,  head-hunting activities and explain it fully to all our joiners.  The process is also detailed in our membership contracts.

We are streets ahead of the competition in balancing the male/female membership ratio. And our joiners appreciate this proactive strategy which maximises their chances of meeting that special someone.
The scheme has been a great success for all parties concerned and could benefit you similarly if you were able to send us attractive, well educated and relationship minded, single people of the right calibre. Who do you know? If you referred just 100 paying leads a year to DDM you would earn £50,000!

Interested? Call us on 020 7224 1001 or email and we will explain our very simple system.