David and Annie’s funky wedding cake

Cake kiss David and Annie Wedding

I thought I’d show you pics of the funky cake I made for the wedding of our old friends, David and Annie a while back. They both came to lunch last Sunday and I was reminded of their beautiful wedding ceremony. For the cake they had wanted something unconventional illustrating how the Mary licking cake croppeddisparate items of ‘baggage’ from their separate lives would be united by their long awaited marriage.  David and Annie have had many different careers: she: ballet dancer, teacher and published writer, he: charity worker in war zones, political campaigner and academic. Now they run wonderful creative writing courses – in fact they both met at a writing group! So I knew I didn’t have to do a ‘proper, posh cake’. Instead I decided on figures of David and Annie on top of three tiers of baggage-filled suitcases with symbols from both their lives scattered around – see ballet slippers, published books, political G mixing wedding cake croppedcampaign posters, etc. together with their much adored cat, Tiva, sitting between them. The cake itself was an alcohol and lemon syrup laced David and Annie's cake close up croppedcarrot recipe.  It was such fun cooking and decorating  it and even more fun eating it, washed down with loads of bubbly and surrounded by all our baby boomer friends in a beautiful monastery in the country.  By the way, do check out Annie’s really excellent creative writing courses on, but hurry as they book up fast!

I hope you like the pics. Yup, I know Annie turned out twice as large as David – no comment intended.  His legs kept falling off so he had to make do with half length ones, whereas I realised rather late in the day that I still needed to incorporate Annie’s elegant feet shod in pink ballet pumps – after which she became taller!

Cutting the cake Close up of figures on David and Annie's Wedding cake

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Written by : Mary Balfour
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