A kick-start-your-dating consultation with the UK’s number one dating mentor, Mary Balfour or a member of her team …

Let Mary help you make the most of your dating opportunities.
She will enable you to tap into your most positive attitudes, skills and strategies:

Which option would suit you?

  • A one off kick-start-your-dating consultation and advice session

  • Weekly one-to-one date mentoring sessions offering a sounding board and learning platform for your ongoing dating experiences

  • A dating workshop session with about twenty people

What people say about Mary’s dating tips, advice and mentoring:

“Helped me make contact with my inner more flirtatious self!”

“Rewarding and exciting”

“Stopped me sabotaging wonderful dating opportunities”

“What not to do on 1st dates – I was doing it all. Not any more!”

“How to get 1st dates to move on to 2nd dates – just what I needed and it worked”

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